Events & Exhibitions

A collection of gallery exhibitions Matt has exhibited in, as well as events organised by Matt.

November 2013

We Are

‘We Are’ was a graphic design gallery exhibition hosted at the Coningsby Gallery in London. This exhibition featured works from a small number of reunited graduates from the University Campus Suffolk’s Graphic Design and Graphic Design Illustration Course to show their professional work from both during and after the course.

The day hosted hospitality with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, along with a professional bar tender to mind the drinks.

As one of the graduates, Matt’s work was featured showing crafted typography based around Meccano from his course project where he created a brand and a sticker album style invite for a retro toy auction titled ‘Vintage’. Other pieces of his work were also show including packaging for Matts ‘Popcorn Picnic‘ event and personal stationery for 19th/20th century artist Egon Schiele.

December 2012

International Design Auction

Matt was one of the lead members of a small team who organised the first ever Internation Design Auction at the University Campus Suffolk (UCS). This event was to raise money for the Graphic Design and Graphic Design Illustration course’s end of year show.

The auction featured lots donated by renowned designers, illustrators and design firms from all over the globe. Some of these names included Illustrators Gerald Scarfe and Brian Grimwood, design firm Pentagram (Texas), Artist George Underwood and many more.

The event featured over 40+ lots available, complete with hospitality with a selection of wines and non-alcoholic drinks that were served throughout the evening.

A variety of publication materials were crafted to advertise the event such as posters and video reels of the lots for people to see, as well as arranging a radio spot on BBC Radio Suffolk featuring one of the course members.

Overall, the event took in more than £1,800, making it the most successful fund raising the course had previously had, more than doubling what previous years have made.

Because of its success, the show was replicated at UCS with the following final year students taking on the auction in 2013 and the again in 2014.