Arboro & Dapper Jerry

Amplify Media/Arboro/Dapper Jerry


About The Project

A branding brief where the client was expanding his business through developing a number of drop shipping websites. One of which is an online watch retailers titled ‘Dapper Jerry’. This was to be aimed at young adults interested in trends, resonably fashionable and are somewhat entrepreneurial themselves.

The request was for an emblem and full worded brand identity. For this I crafted a bespoke typeface that I have named ‘Clip Tock’. Taking inspiration from clock hands to create slender/condensed lettering. This is reflected within the monogramed emblem where the angles have been crafted to point to 17:00 (as for those who are lucky enough to work 9:00-17:00 shifts, is there a better time in the day?).

Over time the client adjusted their product to focus on wooden watches, this required a rebrand leaving the Clip Tock typeface on the cutting room floor. Eventually I came up with Arboro, however this the client decided against requiring a new typeface to be developed but did want unique typography for the new brand identity.

With the logo, this time I tried to base the typography off of trees and tree branches.So I used the serifs at the base of the stems to show roots and various angles to make sections feel more like branches.