Insomnia64 (GAME Digital PLC)

GAME Digital PLC
Belong Gaming Arenas

April 2019

About The Event

Insomnia is one of the UK’s largest gaming festivals by GAME Retail ltd, featuring exhibitors from game developers such as Nintendo, EA, NeatherRealm Studios and more. Insomnia is also home to the Belong Gaming Arenas (part of GAME Retail ltd) Grassroots Esports Tournaments.

My role as part of the Belong Gamer Arenas team was to provide print and stage designs, banners, wall visuals, and physical products assets for our open tournament space featuring Apex Legends, the Arena Clash Professional Esports stage and the Belong Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Arena.

Apex Legends (Tournament Arena)

The Apex Legends tournament area hosted by Belong Gaming Arenas was home to a series of tournaments open to everyone. I provided print and area assets including desk sides, back walls and reception desk cover. All assets created had to adhere to the branding standards set by Respawn Entertainment in ensure correct use of their products brand.

Arena Clash (Tournament Finals Stage)

Insomnia64 is also host to Belong’s Arena Clash finals (their main esports tournament series) for Tekken 7, Fifa19, Overwatch, League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege.

My task was to design the stage backdrop, in-game tournament overlays, Social media announcements, and winner trophies (featuring my branding for Arena Clash developed in December 2018).

Belong Gaming Arenas assets

The Belong Gaming Arena also required general assets such as staff uniform (t-shirt design), vouchers and Lanyards to hand out, as well as wall prints for our help desk area and wall dividers.

Belong also hosts the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Arena, where I creatde all hanging banners to help and direct consumers to the correct areas. These included custom icons for each banner.