Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE)

2014 – 2018


About The Role

Whilst working for Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) I was sole designer for the Industry Change Portfolio (ICP) team developing internal materials and visuals for presentations, posters, invitations reports, templates, videos, etc. The majority of request were often ad-hoc and with very short deadlines making it a very fast pace and unpredictable role.

Unfortunately due to the confidentiality of the information attached to these documents and templates, I am unable to provide imagery for the much of the work developed.

Below are a few descriptions of the deliverables I have produced.


ICP Connect

I developed a digital monthly newsletter which released on the Friday of the first week of each month, detailing project successes and social news of the Industry Change Portfolio team that have occurred over the previous month. This entailed managing an editorial team of subject experts, copywriters and pre-release reviewers.


The Reportal

I developed a presentable navigation interfaces that could be shown to high level stakeholders for quicker access to key reports and documents via an interactive PDF. This was so that our team Director had a presentable way of showing reports digitally and not relying on waiting for printing collections of large reports.


Digital Illustrations & Infographics

I often provided digital illustrations for presentation packs, posters and other materials to help elevate and make the slides more engaging. This include avatars of all our team members, SSE’s advertising mascot Maya the Orangutan, icons as well as various objects and scenery.  Alongside the astatic qualities that my illustrations we used for, I have created various Infographics in replacement of text-based slides to clearer communicate the pack owners subject.


Confidential Works

Other Works that I have produced but unable to show due to confidentiality of the files have been:

  • Motion Graphic (Animated Videos):
    Videos outlining such topics as team mergers, the deliverables of the Industry Change Portfolio team and the introduction of new systems.
  • Presentation Packs:
    Various presentation packs built within MS PowerPoint so Project Managers and other clients could easily manipulate the documents for regular updates
  • New Customer Bill (Simple Bills):
    I was part of a team that reviewed and amended initial bill designs for SSE Simple Bills project. The required adjust initial concept work developed by the Branding and Marketing team and aligning it with new regulatory guidelines that we needed to ahead to. This often ended up in developing redesigns to better make use of the layout available to include new regulatory text. Sadly, the project was cancelled due to the reallocation of the budget.