The Source

Chris Parsons: Author

Aug 2015

About The Project

Written by new author Chris Parsons ‘The Source’ is a self-improvement guide in helping you improve your outlook on life by transforming your behaviour as you read through the book, helping you to obtain a more enlighten state of being allowing you to manipulate your personal reality. ‘The Source’ shows how you can achieve this through real life applications and techniques by applying the teachings of Taoism, philosophy, phycology, hypnosis, quantum mechanics and more.

The project began in June 2015 where I was requested to design the book following a talk the author presented on the subject of personal security through manipulating the life energy of the human body. The solution for the cover came through researching Taoism where they describe the journey to your higher-self (the alpha state). By using various inks, spray cans and an old vinyl player I wanted to create hypnotic spin art to show this journey through the void (as it is often described as Astro Traveling) to your alpha state (which is you, the source).

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