Time Held & Send Beyond (Time Capsules)

Ian Ray

Sep – Oct 2014

About The Project

These two brands were a result of a Guinness World Record attempt by creative entrepreneur Ian Ray, to have to most contributors to a time capsule via the use of long lasting hard drives to create the largest digital time capsule ever. Although original arrangements were made to have the capsule  buried at Stonehenge, later on a new deal was struck to have the time capsules data sent as a signal into the depths of space, with plans in progress for the physical hard drives to the be sent to the moon. Sadly the project was cancelled due to investors pulling out.

As a result of these changes, two brand identities were developed ‘Time Held’ and ‘Send Beyond’.

Time Held
Originally the contributors (via the Time Held website) was arranged to be buried at Stonehenge. This resulted to trying to create a brand that spoke about a new dawn/day and the passage of time resulting in the gradient colour scheme. The typography was manipulated to represent Stonehenge itself, whilst the positioning of the text ‘Held’ is representative of the buried hard drives. The box shape the text and colour are placed in was chosen to emphasise the idea of a container.

Send Beyond
As the plan changed for the capsule, with now new place to send the data into space and the moon, a new brand had to be developed to help represent this. The name itself was developed to emphasise sending the signal beyond our planet, beyond the solar system and out into the great unknown via the signal. However with the plans in place for sending a physical copy to the moon as well I felt this needed to feature somewhere. With the moon orbiting the ‘o’ to show this potential I also increased the kerning between the ‘o’ and ‘n’ to give that sense of distance and travelling beyond out own planet.